4 Cognitive Distractions Drivers Face

Sources of cognitive distraction that many drivers may encounter include electronic devices, in-car systems, passengers and printed materials.


Many consider themselves competent drivers who can safely multitask while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, research increasingly shows this is a misconception. The “multitasking” brain actually jumps between tasks, resulting in performance impairments and raising the risk of accidents. To mitigate this risk, drivers should recognize and avoid the following common cognitive distractions.

1. Mobile electronic devices

Cellphones and other electronic devices can distract drivers manually, visually and mentally. Performing tasks with manual and visual components can triple a person’s likelihood of crashing, according to Distraction.gov. Tasks such as texting, which takes a driver’s eyes off the road for about 5 seconds, are especially risky. At 55 mph, a driver covers the length of a football field during this 5-second lapse.

Many drivers may believe hands-free devices are relatively safe. According to the National Safety Council, 70 percent of the drivers who use these devices do so for safety reasons. However, hands-free devices still produce a mental burden. Research shows that drivers exhibit delayed reactions even when using hands-free cellphones. Drivers also ignore up to half of their

New Emergency Braking Systems

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The goal of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is to support new technologies that increase safety to all drivers on the road and reduce the incidents of car accidents.


Anthony Foxx, Transportation Secretary, recently announced that two revolutionary emergency braking systems will be included in the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP.) According to the NHTSA, these types of advanced safety features have been responsible for saving over 600,000 lives over the past 50 years. The NHTSA will continue to encourage innovators to adopt new technologies to promote car safety.

The two emergency braking systems that are going to be introduced are crash imminent braking (CIB) and dynamic braking support (DBS.) According to police reports from 2013, one-third of all car accidents involved a rear end collision. Investigations showed that drivers either never applied their brakes, or failed to apply the brakes sufficiently, preceding the rear end car accident.

The expectation of the Automatic Emergency Braking Systems (AEB) is to intervene by spontaneously applying the vehicle’s brakes, or assisting the driver while braking, to help avoid a car accident or decrease the magnitude of an accident. AEB, new technology

I Just Moved, Do I Legally Have to Change My Address and Where?

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. It can be thrilling to imagine new adventures in a new location, but it can also be quite worrisome trying to make sure everything is considered. Switching utility services off and on, setting up mail forwarding, getting furniture moved; it can all be a bit overwhelming.


As a result, many people overlook some additional tasks that need to be addressed. Specifically, changing their address in all of the places it is required that they do so. What are the laws regarding changing your address? Which organizations are you required to notify? How long do you have to do so?

Vehicles and Licenses

One of the most commonly required address changes relates to vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. This is an easily overlooked task, but every state requires you to update your address after any move, typically within thirty days.

This is so for a number of reasons, most relating to being able to locate you. Should you commit a traffic violation, be involved in a car accident, or blow through a toll lane without paying, the authorities need to know where to find you. Many states also use

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Mahindra NuvoSport Launch, Price: Complete Details by Autoportal.com

Mahindra is all set to launch its facelifted version of the Quanto newly named as Mahindra NuvoSport on 4th April 2016.This seven seater 4 metre compact SUV is going to hit the roads next week with lot of expectations. The automaker has redesigned the front profile to get an amazing and styling look.



The Mahindra NuvoSport has come up with some interesting styling features like the new aggressive front fascia with the rugged black bumper and faux skid plate, LED DRLs, and a faux hood scoop as in the new generation Scorpio . The side profile of the SUV has no major changes and looks similar to the older model except for a new 5-spoke alloy wheels, foot board and restyled ORVMs. The rear profile is very similar to the older version and remains unchanged. Tail lamps are newly designed and this marks the only addition to the previously designed rear profile.



Six variants are named N4, N4+, N6, N6 AMT, N8 and N8 AMT.


Mahindra NuvoSport is expected to come with a new steering wheel, new instrument cluster with an MID and an updated integrated music system with Mahindra’s Blue Sensetechnology. The NuvoSport

Have the Best Printing for Your Car

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That’s why here we consider that car is very important for our life. In order to have the best mobility by using the car, we

Exploring the 2016 4Runner

Righttoyota 8.1jpeg

If you are thin king of buying a SUV, but you don’t want something huge sticking out at the end of your driveway, you may want to explore the features offered with the 2016 Toyota 4Runner. To learn and see more about the great Toyota vehicles take a look at www.righttoyota.com. great Toyota vehicles take a look at www.righttoyota.com.
The 2016 4 Runner is a beauty that will give you a peaceful ride throughout the city limits, but totally come to life once you want to hit some of the trails off-road.
Some of the changes found in the 2016 model of the 4Runner include a new stylish, aggressive look, and because of a higher percentage of light-weight aluminum used in construction, although it still retains the strength and durability of a vehicle made with materials much heavier, the 2016 model has been found to weigh much less than its predecessor, yet it still it offers superior handling and better fuel efficiency.

Righttoyota 8.2jpeg
You will have the choice of three trims available in the 2016 4Runner models that include

Middle Aged Texting While Driving

The majority of campaigns regarding texting while driving have been aimed at younger drivers and teenagers.


Texting while driving is prevalent among teen drivers and is considered a dangerous driving behavior that often leads to devastating personal injuries. However, current research discovered that it may be more difficult to text and drive for those middle aged and older.

A recent study conducted at Wayne State University tested volunteer drivers ages 18 through 59 on their abilities to properly operate a vehicle while sending text messages. Participants drove in a four-door simulated automobile on a virtual two lane country road without any oncoming cars. Participants were asked to drive for 30 minutes at speeds of approximately 50 to 60 miles per hour while taking part in text conversations.

Twenty-seven participants had the highest texting skill level with the ability to text with one hand. Sixteen volunteers required two hands to text, but were considered a “good” skill level. The remaining seven had to hunt and peck with one finger in order to text and were considered the lowest skill level of all volunteers. There were no differences between genders.

A reasonable assumption may be that the older drivers have more experience driving and